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MBA Application Essay Writing Is Easier If Students Follow These Dos And Don’ts

The application essay is a crucial part of the admission process for MBA students. Hence, you have to be careful when writing your essay. You have to follow certain rules, and be able to tell your story within the scope of those rules. This can be very difficult to do, and you may hit writer’s block as soon as you sit down to the task of MBA essay writing. Therefore, UK experts have laid down a set of do’s and don’ts to prevent this from happening.

These do’s and don’ts have been listed below-


  • Stick to the prompt- When you don’t get any unique ideas for your essay, Custom essay writing professionals suggest that you simply stick to the prompt, and answer its questions in a straightforward manner. This is the safest option, and as long as you’re honest in the evaluation of yourself, you will stand a good chance of getting accepted.
  • Make use of strong examples- You will need evidence to support the arguments your present in your essay. Since this is your application essay; you have no option but to fish out examples from your real-life experiences.
  • Write in a clear language- This essay is going to be about you, and if the admissions officer doesn’t understand your story, he will not select you. Therefore, you need to use simple, yet confident terms in your paper. If you don’t know how to do that, you can take the help of MBA essay writing services in the UK.
  • Revise your essay at least three times- Before you think of emailing your essay, revise it. Three revisions are ideal, as each time you revise, you’ll get a new perspective you did not before. Do this over the span of a couple of days. If you don’t feel confident enough yourself, you can ask your friends or even a good online MBA essay writing service agency in UK to assist you.
  • Carry out your research- Lastly, you should research about the college you’re applying to so you can give a good answer to the question of why you’ll be a perfect fit for it. Also, search on the internet for the perfect MBA application essay writing strategies.


  • Treat it like a question paper- While your MBA application essay will contain a few questions, which you have to provide the answer to, you should not treat as a question paper. Try to be mature and engaging when you write.
  • Try to get too much sympathy- This is one of the things most students end up doing. Presenting difficult times you had to go through in your essay is not a bad idea as long as you do not go overboard with it. Admissions officers might reject your application if you do that.
  • Ignore the word count- The rules given in the prompt have been mentioned there for a reason. You should try to stay within the word limit to the extent possible, and should also follow any other guidelines that are a part of the prompt. This shows that you respect the rules laid down and are sincere in your approach.
  • Use too many technical terms- Overuse of technical terms is a buzzkill. Many admissions officers also get the feeling that you’re trying to show off, which will not be appreciated.
  • Think one size fits all- Do not rehash one copy for every college you apply to. Try to bring a fresh element into each essay so that it’s unique and increases your chances of being accepted.

The above mentioned dos and don’ts can help you get into the college of your dreams. If at any time you get stuck or don’t know how to write, you can take essay homework help from professional experts.



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